Helping hospitals to digitise 100% and provide the most modern and cost-effective care to customers

We believe by making world-class health technology universal, the superior healthcare system will be accessible to all.

A letter from the Founders

Healthcare has been a laggard in adopting digitisation. Healthcare is also infamously known for gracefully turning down disrupting technologies.Our health IT journey began in 2014, offering open-source software consulting services to healthcare organisations in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Working with clients, we realised that the basic IT requirements of healthcare organisations are not met by the incumbent solutions.  Nuacare was built to address these fundamental gaps:

    *     Reduce the cost of running a hospital through complete automation
    *     Improve the cash flow by improving revenue workflow
    *     Enhance the patient experience by improving transparency

Our vision is simple: Work with healthcare providers to make world-class health technology universal and superior healthcare facilities accessible to all.
We want to achieve these things by committing to our business ethics:

    *     Complete ownership of data by the client
    *     Prompt technical support with the help of local IT teams and implementation partners.
    *     Versatile licensing options, including transfer of source code

Arun Paul
Arun Paul
Co-Founder & CEO
Sandeep E
Co-Founder & CTO
Co-founder & Sales

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